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GDS Präzisionszerspanungs GmbH

GDS Präzisionszerspanungs GmbH

Booth number: HALL 99 - AT11

About us

We develop clamping technologies, produce clamping devices, grinding wheel adapters, and accessories suitable for tool grinding machines. These are spindle and taper sleeves for external grinding machines, as well as grinding mandrels and more for internal cylindrical grinding machines. Moreover, we manufacture balancing and dressing components for grinding wheels, plus other accessories for your grinding process.


GDS Präzisionszerspanungs GmbH
Endelbergstr. 8
72131 Ofterdingen

Phone:  +49 7473 272672
VOLLMER Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
20th Floor, SJ Infinite One Business Complex Unit 2001-2005 349 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, Chompol Chatuchak
10900 Bangkok

Phone:  +66 20 183536

Products & Services

Grinding wheel adapter and accessories
Precision grinding requirean optimal spindle an flawless grinding
wheel, both of which depend on perfect grinding wheeel adapter.

Clamping and balancing technology
Optimal grinding solutions require extreme precision paired with an efficient and flexible loading system on your machine.
To meet these requirements, GDS has developed new clamping and balancing systems. All clamping and balancing solutions needed for high-precision tool grinding from one source. Customized solutions for your grinding and workpiece spindles are available on request.

SHARK 5-Jaw Chuck

extreme accuracy, perfect quality and reduction of set-up times under enormous price pressure.
Specially designed for use in changing clamping ranges,
it enables you to directly clamp your workpieces fully
automatically. You need neither collets nor intermediate sleeves
and can also clamp special diameters and intermediate
dimensions without further ado and with process reliability.
The SHARK is just as suitable for manufacturing new
tools as it is for resharpening.
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GDS μGrind Series

The µGrind series is specifically for use on tool
grinding machines, which made this series an innovation in the
field of high-precision clamping devices for tool grinding.
This series offers accurate concentricity and repeatability, with
runout holding ander two microns at 2.5 x D.
Excellent damping properties for uniform material removal while
optimizing feed rates. The workpiece surface finish is perfectly
consistent and grinding wheel wear is significantly reduced.
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Grinding wheel adapter

Maximum taper accuracy by using constantly controlled and calibrated measuring equipment.
Absolute accuracy of fit and optimum radial and axial run-out.
Extreme load-bearing capacity due to the use of tempered material and the best heat treating processes.
Optimum surface quality and associated long-term dimensional stability and precision, as well a spindle protection as a result of finished surfaces..
Balanced models for improved grinding results and spindle life.

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