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F. Zimmermann GmbH

F. Zimmermann GmbH

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About us

F. Zimmermann GmbH, based in Neuhausen a.d.F., close to Stuttgart, is a leading global high-tech supplier of portal milling machines. These are characterized by maximum accuracy with huge working spaces, enormous dynamics and cutting performance. The company, founded in 1933 by Friedrich Zimmermann, now has over 190 employees worldwide. With its product range, the innovative company has one goal above all: to offer the right solution for its customers and thus to be able to guarantee high economic efficiency. "Quality made in Germany". The special machines are used worldwide in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors.


F. Zimmermann GmbH
Bernhäuser Str. 35
73765 Neuhausen

Phone:  +49 715 894 8955-0

Products & Services

Welcome to F. Zimmermann GmbH - your reliable partner for innovative milling solutions for over 90 years. As a family-run company, we attach great importance to people and place customers, employees, suppliers at the center of our activities. It is particularly important to us to build long-term partnerships and maintain close cooperation. Since our foundation, we have continuously developed and are proud to be the technological leader in our industry. Our modular machine system allows freedom for individuality and the innovative thermo-symmetrical gantry ensures the highest accuracy. We develop your milling machine together with passion and precision. In this way, we find the right solution for every requirement, industry, component, material or surface - machining solutions and you!

FZU 37

The CNC portal milling machine is suitable for machining aluminum and composite materials. The unibody machine dispenses with a fixed machine foundation and can be flexibly set up on solid industrial floors. The machine table is firmly connected to the FZU37, which means that the workpiece does not have to be moved during machining. Regardless of the weight and size of the workpiece, the milling process is highly precise and guarantees a consistent, efficient milling process.
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The FZP42 CNC portal milling machine has a modular design which allows the combination of different operating ranges, travel distances, milling heads and CNC controls. The gantry construction makes it possible to machine components of all kinds. Thanks to its combination of high thermo-stability and rigidity this machine is able to meet all the requirements of model making, tool and mold construction, including the demands of the aerospace and automotive industries.
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The FZP32 is our next generation FZP-line 5-axis gantry for the machining of aluminum, fiber composite materials, plastics and resin. The particularly rigid and newly developed center lead portal enables us to meet the ever growing demands in the aerospace and model/mold making industry. Its thermo-symmetrical construction makes the FZP32 less susceptible to adverse ambient conditions thus ensuring excellent surface quality.
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