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KAPP NILES is a globally operating group of companies with high-quality and economical solutions for finishing gears and profiles and is partner for companies from numerous industrial sectors in the segments mobility, automation and energy.

The perfect interaction between machines, tools, and technologies enables extremely precise machining to a thousandth millimetre.

Products and services

Machine tools for the finishing of gears and profiles for the following processable workpieces

  • gears and shafts with outer straight and inside straight helical gears
  • gear related profiles
  • compressor rotors
  • ball screw tracks
  • worms
  • rotary pistons
  • pump spindles
  • gerotors
  • vane pump rotors
  • Non-dressable grinding tools with CBN- and diamond covering
  • Dressable tools with or without tip dresser for workpiece related or flexible dressing
  • Measuring machines and instruments
  • Services
  • Digital solutions
KNG 350 expert

The integrated loading device of the machine ensures shortest non-productive periods and can accommodate both bore parts and shaft workpieces.

The new functional and ergonomic machine design paired with the innovative interface KN grind supports the user during set-up and optimisation of grinding projects. High-performance technology options and application-specific alignment and measuring devices mean that maximum precision and surface qualities can be achieved.

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KN 12P master

High thermal stability and rigidity are achieved through an optimised design and coordinated components. The inherently rigid machine base enables easy installation.

The new functional and ergonomic machine design paired with the innovative and user-friendly user interface KN grind supports the user during set-up and optimisation of grinding projects. The machine is equipped with high-performance technology options and application-specific alignment and measuring devices

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KAPP NILES Metrology introduces the analytical measuring machines KNM 2X, KNM 5X and KNM 9X for high-precision measurement of gearing, gear cutting tools and rotation-symmetric workpieces in the diameter range from 0 - 1.250 mm for the first time.

The highlights of the machines include the "Smart" tailstocks, which release an extended working area on the KNM 2X by motor-lowering into the base plate and extend radially out of the machine centre to increase the working area at the KNM 5/9X.

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News & Innovations

Digital Solutions

RFID technology
As well as constant optimisation of machining times, the reduction of set-up and non-productive periods also always play an important role in a flexible production environment. In addition to machine concepts with optimised set-up times, KAPP NILES offers intelligent components.

Tool data management in KN assist | the digital workbench KN extender
KAPP NILES has developed its own platform called KN assist which contains a tool data management system among other features.
Exchangeable, intelligent components with all geometric and process-related data can be managed and clearly displayed outside of the machine within the tool data management system. All tool data is therefore stored centrally in a single location and is retrieved from there.

Condition monitoring
With KN assist monitoring, our customers are even better supported when it comes to maintenance. Insights regarding the condition and production behaviour of the machines are now easily derived. Negative influence on the process or the functional behaviour of the machine tool can be recognised in a much earlier stage. This enables the operator correspondingly to quickly counteract and avoid unplanned downtimes.

Remote service
A complete remote maintenance infrastructure can be implemented with the KN assist remote service, which enables secure interaction between machine operators and machine manufacturers. KN assist remote maintenance includes a structured service process which allows machine operators to report faults to the machine manufacturer via a service request. KAPP NILES is automatically notified about service cases. If required, the operator can permit time and location restricted access to the system, for example, if a service employee has to access the machine control system.

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