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Gruetzner GmbH has established itself as a specialist for automatic lubrication systems since 1993.

As a family-owned and family-managed company, we focus upon the solution capabilities of our technical experience with regard to single-point and multi-point lubrication systems for customers and markets.

Our flexible and user-friendly lubrication solutions are used in almost all areas of maintenance in every industry across the globe.

Products and services

LUB5 is an electromechanical lubricant dispenser designed to supply single lubrication points with oil or grease.

Sololube is a reliable, easy-to-operate single-point lubricator with an electromechanical drive.

Its precise delivery system makes Sololube equally suitable for the automatic lubrication of roller and friction bearings, gear racks, open transmissions or chains.

Lubricus lubrication system can supply up to 16 lubricating points – either autonomously in battery mode or via an external power supply.


Sololube lubricates in an Explosion-dangered-area.

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LUB5 - the reliable single-Point-lubricator. Etablished in the automobil-Industry. Refillable up to 5 times without any following-costs. Working-pressure 10 bar (145 psi).


Lubricus - the strong and flexible lubrication system. Easy to install, every one can install this lubricator by himself. Working pressure 70 bar (1015 psi).

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