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ALD Vacuum Technologies is a synonym for innovation in vacuum technologies. ALD is a leading supplier of vacuum furnaces and processes. We operate in all fields of vacuum metallurgy and vacuum heat treatment.

Vacuum Metallurgy involves designing and supplying systems and processes for treating metallic materials in liquid form – particularly vacuum systems for the melting, casting and remelting of metals and alloys, metals for solar cells as well as special coating equipment for turbine blades.

Vacuum Heat Treatment includes vacuum furnaces for heat treating metallic materials. Such equipment is used for heat treating of tools, high precision parts for engines and fuel injectors as well as for transmissions. Sintering of high strength cemented carbides and special oxides is also a part of heat treatment.

Products and services

ALD develop and manufacture vacuum furnaces for metallurgy and heat treatment.

In metallurgy all ranges of primary melting and re-melting are covered. Vacuum Induction Melting furnaces are used for the primary melting and casting to an ingot or mold for investment casting. Electro Slag Re-melting and Vacuum Arc Re-melting increase the homogeneity of the alloys.

By using gas atomization it is possible to produce metal powders
Systems for the melting and casting of Titanium alloys are available.
The vacuum heat treatment include systems from multipurpose single chamber furnace, vacuum carburizing system, brazing furnaces and nitriding systems. Carburizing systems are available for high pressure gas and with oil quenching.

All ALD systems are available from small laboratory systems up to production systems and/or mini steel mills.

Beside the furnace system ALD supports the customer with process engineering, development of customer processes for vacuum metallurgy and heat treatment.

MonoTherm, Vacuum Hardening Furnace

MonoTherm is a single chamber multipurpose furnace for all heat treatment application, such as hardening, case hardening, annealing, tempering, brazing.

The hot zone will be cylindrical or cubical. Four different furnaces sizes from 400x400x600 mm to 1200x1200x1500 mm are available.

The charge weight will be from 200 to 2000 kg. The vacuum level could be down to 5x10-6 mbar. The maximum quench pressure is 20 bar. Dynamic quenching allows a gentle cooling of the load.

DualTherm with Oil Quench

DualTherm Oil Quench
This furnace system is for the process of vacuum carburizing and oil quenching. Two charge sizes with 400 x 400 x 600 mm and 600 x 750 x 1000 mm are available. The maximum charge weight is 1000 kg.

Vacuum carburizing replaces the gas carburizing and has the advantage of no oxidation. The quenching under inert gas avoids any flames.

The DTO could be installed in a normal production environment and reduces the costs for the carburizing significantly.

Vacuum Induction Melting and De-gassing

Vacuum induction melting and de-gassing for higher alloyed steels, such as tool & die steel, stainless, duplex steel and Nickel based alloys. The absence of air avoids pick up of und desired element like Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Modification at these systems allows continuous and investment casting as well as powder making by gas atomisation.

The product range is from laboratory scale with one litre to pilot and smaller production up to 3.000 litres (23 tons).

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